The Five Sisters of House Cook

Long ago, when the first men roamed this great land, two rings of power – forged in a dragon’s breath – were lost to time. These great relics passed from hand to hand until they ended on the fingers of a man and his bride. Brought together again, the power of these great bands gave the couple five daughters of unequaled…beauty, strength?, wit ...oddity 

Oh, whatever.

We are House Cook

And dinner is coming.

Cook girls get ready to do battle ... with recipes

So if you like a meal of epic proportions… if you’re looking for a feast of magic… if you’re simply hungry for lightly poached dragon's eggs with a hint of garlic and a dash of red pepper… Welcome to Cook’s Landing where every meal is prepared with a song of spice and fire.

Who we are


Sarah-Lambert, the oldest amongst us, an artist of itsy-bitsy things and an obnoxious redhead to boot--yes, I have the gingervitis. The whole family's really proud of me since I'm making jewelry now. I've got my life on track--got that arty spirit back. If I'm not painting my tiny pictures or slicing cakes with my broad sword, I can be found trooping around the country with my cairn terrier dire wolf and my husband. So if you notice a bouncy ginger quoting Groucho Marx and leaping from rock to rock in a single bound while you're at the state park, then remember: don't feed the animals! We bite. Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time. @ColorMeRedhead

Be very, very quiet. I’m hunting Mexican restaurants. Hello folks, Anna-Lara here, UPenn alumna and hopeful New York Times bestselling author. Have yet to get a literary agent, but I’m passing the time with photoshoots with my little sisters, blogging, and watching Youtube videos of posh British comedians. During the day I work with donor services at a nonprofit. What's a girl to do? Gotta pay the bills somehow. 

Well then soldier, how goes the day? Hello there, I'm Katy-Lynn. A new college student, I started school in Spring of 2014. But, in the event of the impending zombie apocalypse, I'll be hidden somewhere deep in the woods with my friend Ryan while he forges weapons and I cook the food and knit the mittens. That's our system and we're hoping it lasts us for awhile. Until then, I'll be procrastinating, writing, and occasionally over-achieving. I might climb a few trees every now and then, or bury myself in my couch while my siblings and I watch Doctor Who reruns. In short, I'll be living the life of any quirky, anti-social, introverted teenage girl. But enough of this. I think you get the picture.


My name is Julianne, I'm actually the princess of a far-off kingdom. I don't know who these people are, but they kidnapped me when I was small. I've been looking for a cure to the zombie virus. The problem is, I have to inject myself with it first. I try to work it off by scootering and walking around the house in circles. These strange rituals have attracted everything but media attention. All I want for Christmas is a mulcher, and I don't want to explain why.

The youngest of the five sisters of house cook
I am the littlest amongst us. Bios are too mainstream.